S Transporter: s/t EP (Portage Garage Sounds, 2019)

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S Transporter: s/t EP

The four tracks on this EP were developed over the course of several years throughout several sessions in San Francisco and Detroit. Ryan Spencer and Izaak S initially recorded demos sometime around 2015, and after rediscovering them and playing them at Spencer and Shigeto’s Monday Is The New Monday weekly, they developed the tracks further. “S Transporter 1” is a mutant electro track which can hardly stop fidgeting, filled with vinyl swerves and count-offs. Anya Ghiorzi joins in for “S Transporter 2”, a sleazy robo-boogie joint with a vaguely goth air. “S Transporter” is a buoyant tropical island adventure underpinned by spoken narrations which are hard to make out unless you turn it up and concentrate, but you’ll probably be too busy dancing to worry about listening to the words. “S Transporter 4” is breezy and summery but far from simply laid back, with lots of simmering synths surrounding the swaying beats and guitars.

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