Haunted/Comme à la Radio: split LP (Life Like, 2019)

October 16, 2019 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Haunted/Comme à la Radio: split LP

This split LP contains spoken word/sound poetry works by two of the members of minimal avant-rock trio XV. Claire Cirocco’s Comme à la Radio contributes the astounding Je Suis Née, a two-part suite previously released as a tape in 2016. It alternates between intimately recorded thoughts, sometimes with words repeated and re-dubbed multiple times for emphasis, and extremely harsh noise bursts which seem to obscure some sort of social gathering. It’s nearly impossible to tell what’s being said during the noisier bits, or how any of these thoughts connect to each other, but the way it’s presented is utterly fascinating. One of the most daring audio works I’ve heard in a long time. Field of Flowers by Haunted (Emily Roll) isn’t nearly as noisy, and the words are a lot clearer. They’re also very immediate, and often rapid, spanning specific thoughts about anxiety, sex, solitude, and related topics. For much of it, Emily’s voice is accompanied by a constant heavy downpour, as well as her own manipulated voice shuffling and glitching her previously spoken statements. At one point, she starts spewing out a stream of cliches and empty motivational phrases, like that one Algebra Suicide song. The ending section of the piece is a lot more slowly paced, reflecting on daffodils and disappearing into empty space. Really stunning and original work. Limited to 100 copies, available now via Life Like.

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