v/a: Om Unit Presents Cosmology – Dark Matter 3xLP (Cosmic Bridge, 2019)

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v/a: Om Unit Presents Cosmology – Dark Matter 3xLP

The incomparable Om Unit presents a wide-ranging compendium of contemporary bass music. Tracks by artists like TMSV demonstrate that legit dubstep is still alive and well, which is a relief to me because I think the golden era of the genre is unbeatable and I’ve been revisiting a lot of it lately. There’s also a Proc Fiskal track which is a bit more dubby and less gonzo than the stuff he’s usually known for. J:Kenzo’s track seems to lurch towards drum’n’bass but it’s also a slow, smoked-out dub, and producers like Rude Operator and Vromm tip closer to d’n’b while remaining sort of grey area. The James Blake-sampling track by Margari’s Kid is a low-key stunner, the breaks sneak up on you at the end. Crypticz’ 12-minute epic “Chrysalis” takes a long time to develop, with Amy Kisnorbo’s weightless vocals providing a bit of guidance, and the breaks go a bit haywire without overpowering anything. Most of this album is suspenseful and restrained, providing space for meditation but moving forward as necessary.

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