Inutili: New Sex Society (Aagoo, 2019)

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Inutili: New Sex Society

Italian group Inutili perform long-form psychedelic improvisations which often seem like they’re drifting far away from anything resembling a path forward, yet at the right moment they just all snap together and form this enormous superpower of heavy, monstrous rhythm and noise. This time out, they’re joined by saxophonist Luca Di Giammarco, who elevates their sound into a bit more of a spiritual realm. This is still improvised rock rather than free jazz, though, and the rhythms to tracks like “Rooms” still have a psychedelic swirl to them. “Seeds (Japanese)” is a bit more hypercharged, and the riffs and sax blurts continually bounce off of each other until it all builds up to an ecstatic frenzy, and then it sets its way onto the shining road ahead. The group never stick to the same tempo for too long, and it switches through multiple sections of various intensities. The four songs in the middle of the album are all under 10 minutes, and they mostly keep up the intense parts of the songs, with some lyrics making prominent appearances, so they seem like the band’s most focused songs. “Tiny Body” even manages to boil the band’s essence down to a minute and 43 seconds. By the end of the album, the group seem much closer to the Castle Face nexus of prog, garage punk, and psych rather than the endlessly rambling jammers they might’ve seemed like initially.

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