Blue Jeans: Adult Hits (Life Like/Bobo Integral, 2019)

September 22, 2019 at 7:26 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Blue Jeans: Adult Hits

The second album from Ann Arbor indie pop group Blue Jeans was released early in the year as a cassette by Life Like, followed shortly by a vinyl pressing, thanks to Spanish label Bobo Integral. It’s pressed at 45 RPM, so the 10 songs all go by pretty quickly, but the combination of strong, sweet melodies and snarky lyrics ensure that this one leaves a lasting impression. The album’s #1 smash hit is “We Hate the Summer”, a sort of shut-in’s surf anthem, celebrating autumn as the fairest of the seasons. “Adult Hits”, a rejection of the trappings of nostalgia, is a close second. “Ricola Horns” is the one song with more of a beachy drift, but not too much since they’d rather stay inside. While there’s some bitterness expressed through songs like “Apology Rejected”, “Friends & Lovers” ends the album with a ray of sunshine and gratitude.

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