Julion De’Angelo: Stand On Your Square 12″ (Tone Log Jr., 2019)

August 31, 2019 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Julion De’Angelo: Stand On Your Square 12″

Julion De’Angelo’s first solo EP, following a Sound Signature-issued split with Thomas Xu, is a three-track exploration of rhythm, connecting African traditions through functional club tracks. The A-side is taken up by “Stand On Your Square Pt. 1”, which is preceded by a monologue from jazz percussionist Skip Burney, who explains how tradition is a life commitment. The track itself has an insistent but still raw drum pattern, lush deep house pads, and cascading jazz pianos. “Sizzlelean” concentrates solely on rhythm, consisting entirely of a bass-heavy drum machine sequence which nods to old-school electro while still sounding futuristic. The second part of “Stand On Your Square”, subtitled “Bird”, features a similar drum machine tone but brings back some of the deep, jazzy elements of the first part, while adding a thick electro-funk bassline. Almost Mellotron-sounding synths creep in, and while they don’t erupt into big, expressive melodies, they subtly grasp at an enlightened, euphoric feeling the way only repetitive dance music can.

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