Lithium Enchantment: Vital Signs/Reaching For You tape (Illuminated Paths, 2015/2019)

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Lithium Enchantment: Vital Signs/Reaching For You tape

Bringing two older releases briefly back into circulation (only 25 copies of this tape exist), this is a travelogue of memories, possibly of parks, cycling trips, and seasonal getaways. These tracks were recorded around 2003-2005, so the whole thing feels like a secret that’s largely been kept in someone’s basement for ages, only to be brought out on rare occasions, and only for people who would appreciate or understand it. The brief tracks and woozy synths make this feel like an early BoC release for sure, but there’s more of a lo-fi snap to the drum machines on tracks like “006 (Momentary)”. “Poplar Accel” is closer to vintage Mo Wax, with lots of rapidly shuffling drum breaks and a mixture of tense and laid back vibes. “C” is playful, rotund, and simple, and the wistful “Cloud Station” is way too nice to only be 48 seconds long. The longer tracks are all on the second side, and while some of them develop a bit more, there’s also a few extended ambient reflections. Still, “Great and Small” is an amazing energy burst of Mike Paradinas-style synth melodies and fill-heavy electro drum machines. “Lakeside Park” is a fairground ride unto itself, with vivid, Sunday afternoon melodies and tempo shifts which keep it from getting too comfortable, but it lets you down easy at the end.

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