Delicate Instruments: MEM-1 12″ EP (Shewey Trax, 2019)

July 31, 2019 at 9:46 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Delicate Instruments: MEM-1 12″ EP

The latest release from the prolific West Coast label Shewey Trax is the first part of a full-length from Delicate Instruments, who has been steadily releasing records since 2013, including a 2017 single bearing an Octo Octa remix. These four tracks are deep but also kind of lo-fi, and even industrial-tinged. “Memory-1” is a nighttime city cruiser with a voice urging you to expand your consciousness of the world around you. “The Judgement” is much rougher and grittier, with the voices taking a much sharper tone, and the beats more clanky than smooth. “Fading Away” is back to the more meditative feel of “Memory-1”, then “Behind the Waterfall” mixes natural sounds and appropriately lush tones with a thick, distorted kick drum. A good mix of both relaxing and edgy sounds, pressed on nice, thick vinyl. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t heard more from this label before.

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