Throwaway: WHAT? (self-released, 2019)

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Throwaway: WHAT?

This is the long-awaited first album from former WCBN DJ Kirsten Carey’s rock band Throwaway. Represented by a caricature of a woman with a paper bag over her head, the music has a sort of cartoonishly aggressive demeanor, which might explain how Carey ended up playing guitar on a clipping. song on the Rick & Morty soundtrack. William Hutson from clipping. adds noise to “Bonathan Jyers”, this album’s first song, which begins with Carey shrieking “THIS IS A RED ALERT!!!!” Her manic growl is utterly confrontational and commanding, and the guitar riffs are jagged and discordant, making this music impossible to ignore or listen to passively. Most of the songs are super noisy and pissed-off, but there’s still a jazz-trained sophistication to them. “The Revenge Society” is both jaunty and bitter, with Carey gleefully wailing about whipping your ass. “Exotic Bird” reflects her experience moving to Los Angeles and feeling strange and out of place. Then there’s the vicious, taunting “I Work!”, two minutes of pure rage which will leave you dumbfounded, particularly when she asks “What do YOU do???”

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