Storm Ross: Home (Already Dead Tapes, 2019)

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Storm Ross: Home

The newest tape from formerly Michigan-based guitarist Storm Ross is “A Living Room Romance in Eight Parts”. Following the urgent but hopeful Welcome, Sunshine from a few years ago, this is another excellent collection of instrumentals. It kicks off with the monolithic “The Inevitability”, which begins acoustic before launching into a Godflesh-like drum machine beat and layers of guitars which just get heavier and more commanding. “A Park Encounter” is a strange, kind of fun industrial march with loads of shredding. “Playtime” is lighter, and more of a dazed daydream, while “The Turning Point” is more manic, with punkish drums and guitars that swarm and shriek like bats. On the second side, “An Understanding” laces acoustic guitars with ominous feedback, then “Sam Ascends the Invisible Path” starts out with nearly poppy-sounding synths before mesmerizing guitars take over. “Half Our Lives” is another 10-minute epic, this time with live drums instead of a drum machine. It’s much freer, sort of approaching a very electrified sort of jazz, but with guitar fireworks that nearly sound patriotic. It all comes full circle with the sparse acoustic guitar piece “Home”, making it feel like we’ve safely returned from battle.

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