Huey Mnemonic: EP 12″ (Vanity Press, 2019)

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Huey Mnemonic: EP 12″

Flint’s O’Shay Mullins surfaces on Vanity Press with a four-track EP of varying moods and styles. “Healing Chamber” is the type of light, skittery electro track that sounds both underwater and up in orbit, bubbling and gliding with equal ease. “Hydrocity” is more braindance-y electro-techno, with a nice subdued yet sharp melody, and it’s over and out without causing much of a fuss. “Vibrations Radio”, however, isn’t about to let anyone pass without getting down and enjoying themselves. Breaks, banging rhythms, energetic vocal samples, a piano/string breakdown — it’s all here, what else do you need? “Emissary” is just pure joy, with bright, springy bass notes and those 808 State loon sounds, nailing that late ’80s/early ’90s sound without sounding like a pointless rehash pastiche (of course, that type of sound is more up-to-date than it has been since it was brand new). Fantastic, beautiful stuff.

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