Koeosaeme: Obanikeshi (Orange Milk, 2019)

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Koeosaeme: Obanikeshi

This release appeals to the part of me that loves Orange Milk for their works by hyperrealist composers like Noah Creshevsky and Seth Graham, and the part of me that loves the label for releasing noisy glitchcore like Machine Girl and Julien. Absolute headrush intensity which splices manic classical instruments, disgruntled splurts, and sickly distortion. It is grotesque and nightmarish, and it should be hard to take in all at once, yet I can’t get enough of it. The first few tracks are an overwhelming passage of slash-and-grab classical glitch. “Meat Texture” basically sounds like what it would be like to be stuck on the surface of an ocean made of meat. Then tracks like “Synched” (featuring atnr) are like an entire A/V room exploding into fireworks. “X / Z” (featuring EL Murki) is the closest this comes to breakcore, with rapid, menacing hyper-beats and aggressively focused rhythms. A few moments of relative calm shine through, particularly on “Imiaru”, but even these are interrupted by violent chopping sounds and screeching strings. Absolutely jawdropping work.

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