Davis Galvin: EP 12″ (Vanity Press, 2019)

June 30, 2019 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Davis Galvin: EP 12″

This EP has one of those opening tracks that’s hard to get past. “All Night Long” starts out a bit fragmented and tentative, but then crystalline trills and lush “everything’s gonna be fine” synths trickle in, along with flickering amen breaks and ray-of-sunshine vocals. It seems wrong to suggest that Vanity Press has a “sound”, but this is exactly the type of high-quality feelgood club banger the label regularly puts out. “Return from the Sky” is significantly darker, with killer bass and a UFO documentary melody over intense, pressurized breaks. “Bass-Biology Interface” starts out eerie and warped but gets friendlier, and it seems to rapidly ping through the air with a grin on its face. “Loudspeaker Situation” is just perfect summer music, with heavy, shuffling breakbeats and super gorgeous synths that just feel like the sun shining on your face. “Waterbody” seems way more detached, but the 4/4 thump keeps it from completely floating away.

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