Western Edges: Prowess CDr (Sound In Silence, 2019)

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Western Edges: Prowess CDr

This is the first release from the new solo project of Richard Adams from Hood. The short album primarily consists of brief ambient pieces which are built around simple, gentle melodies, floating between moments of reverie (“Suddenly a Dream”) and dark, fearful reflection and yearning (“Western Edges”, “You’re Going To Miss My Love”, and others). Surprisingly enough, some tracks also feature stiff, crunchy kick drums. “Solid Gold Soul” is a bit of bliss out in the tundra, while “Very Good on the Rushes” peers up at the stars hoping for release from soul-crushing loneliness, with a huge orb of bass and bitcrushed beats keeping hope alive. “Absence” is the only long track here, and it begins with a shower of synth pads before a sparse kick (similar to the Sight Below) comes in, followed by a dubby post-punk bassline and just a few synth notes, which nevertheless help keep things alert. Then it all strips away and all that’s left is the dusk.

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