SDEM: Index Hole 12″ EP (Central Processing Unit, 2019)

June 16, 2019 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

SDEM: Index Hole 12″ EP

The latest release on the currently blazing-hot Central Processing Unit comes from a mysterious artist with a Slayer rip-off logo on his Discogs page. Opening track “Arc Rail” is fast, hard, and crunchy electro-IDM which manages to keep directly on track. You can follow exactly where it’s going, yet it’s still a monster bowling over anything in its path. “BX16” is basically the opposite – slower, crushed stutter-breaks with very sparse layers of koto, or some other type of stringed instrument. Very subtle and nuanced, and there’s no obvious answer as to where this is going. Then “Mitherer” just drills your head in and repeatedly fills your brain with electric shocks until you start bleeding sparks. “6448” returns to the land of propulsive beats and buzzing synths which approximate a bassline, but this one’s more of a steady meander than a forceful progression. No telling what to expect from this artist from here, but I’m on board.

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