Feeling Kréyol: Las Palé (Astérie, 1988/reissued by Strut, 2018)

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Feeling Kréyol: Las Palé

This is a reissue of an incredibly rare zouk album produced in Guadeloupe during the late ’80s. The liner notes explain that the producer, Darius Dénon, put together the group (they had never met each other before) and wrote and arranged most of the songs. The album didn’t really go anywhere and the group never recorded anything else, but Dénon managed to have a successful career later. But as things happen, the album eventually attracted a cult audience, so here we have a reissue from Strut. Zouk is completely beyond my frame of knowledge, but this is a really fun, sweet album. It definitely doesn’t sound like the most professional recording in the world, but it’s incredibly charming, funky, and catchy. If you appreciate any of Awesome Tapes From Africa’s more synth-heavy reissues from around this time period (late ’80s/early ’90s), you’ll certainly fall for this one.

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