Curved Light: Flow and Return tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2019) + Airs of Modality tape (Unifactor Tapes, 2019)

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Curved Light: Flow and Return tape

We didn’t hear much from Curved Light last year, but the ambient artist has returned with two tapes so far in 2019. Flow and Return mainly consists of short pieces flowing in and out of each other, producing a sequence of light flickers, audio pinwheels, and the occasional haunting moment. “Flow and Return” sustains its mood for a much longer period, extending to 7 minutes of a glitchy loop and wave-like textures, bringing to mind Justin Walter’s solo work.

Curved Light: Airs of Modality tape

Airs of Modality starts out sounding like music for a haunted temple. The track titles themselves point out a sort of mystic journey that could potentially be the plot of an RPG, and it gets a bit more action-filled during the more frantic “The Search” and the unexpectedly beat-driven “Hidden Ritual, Pt. 2/Revelation”. “The Invocation/Final Encounter” surrounds chanting monks with disorienting, trippy synth swarms and an accelerating bass throb which then rockets up galaxy-ward. There’s a lot of paths this album goes down, making it one of Curved Light’s most unpredictable and exciting releases.

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