Watabou: Coaxial Chaos LP (Realicide Records, 2019)

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Watabou: Coaxial Chaos LP

Several years (really, an entire lifetime) in the making, Watabou’s first vinyl LP is finally here, and it’s a tangible monument of everything the project has come to represent over the past decade or so. Even though the bulk of it was recorded around 2015 and the songs stretch back a couple years before that, and so some of the specific sentiments and issues might come from a different place and time, it’s still highly relevant and highly relatable. The music is advanced as Watabou has ever been, with very dense, complex song structures and more of a chiptune influence than can often be heard in her live sets. It comes with a huge booklet explaining every song in detail, and while there’s way too much about this album to unpack for a short record review, there’s just so much insight to be gained from reading it all, and hearing it all expressed in such an elaborate, aggressive manner. Particular highlights include the soul-searching isolation of “Winding Backroad”, the gender dysphoria reflection “Gabber Punk Girl”, the spiraling anthem “Upward and Outward”, and the overwhelmingly awesome dream interpretation “Phantasmagoraphobe”. Absolutely vital listening. Purchase digitally from Bandcamp, and physically from Realicide.

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