v/a: Felt Presence 2xLP (Vanity Press Records, 2019)

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v/a: Felt Presence 2xLP

Vanity Press Records’ first compilation isn’t a round-up of its artists, which would be pretty killer, but a selection of tracks by a scene of young Brooklyn artists. The artists here seem to love ravey breakbeats, but they aren’t aiming for any sort of hardcore revivalism. They approach the breaks somewhat in the way that Jersey club producers do, but without as much of the heavy, frenetic club energy. There’s an IDM-ish calmness to tracks like Ronan’s “Riverside”. Some of this would fit in an intelligent d’n’b set (if you play the tracks at 45, that is), yet it doesn’t seem entirely accurate to categorize it that way either. Even further, there’s sort of an MBM-ish astral dub spaciness to some of it, especially combined with the hard breaks. Teleself’s “Calcination” pushes slamming Amens against starburst synths, yet it all retains a steady, measured rhythm. Yogic’s “Transe Maris” is somewhere in between breaks and garage, yet with a sort of shimmer that takes it somewhere farther away entirely. Super fresh, unbound hybrid sounds from this Brooklyn crew, curious what else they’ve got in store. Available digitally from Bandcamp.

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