Grandmaster Masese: 7″ (Dagoretti Records, 2019)

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Grandmaster Masese: 7″

Kenyan poet/musician/teacher Grandmaster Masese plays an eight-stringed lyre called an Obokano, which has a thick, buzzy sound. This single preserves Masese’s strange, hypnotic music on vinyl, and it’s a wonder to behold. “Orogena” features whistling, fast chatting and singing, and bells over a rickety Obokano rhythm. “Obokano Outside” is a bit looser and more of a headrush. It was recorded outside, as the title states, so you can hear animals and passers-by, and it just sounds even more energetic and in-the-moment. The Bandcamp version of the single adds an additional track, “Mama n’omuya”, which is similar but has more upfront sung vocals. A fantastic, otherworldly shot of energy.

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