Étant Donnés: La Vue (Bain Total, 1981/reissued by Klanggalerie, 2018)

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Étant Donnés: La Vue

Extremely sickly tape manipulations recorded back in 1979. I’m not sure how many people heard this tape but I feel like a lot of the more absurdist noise and industrial artists would’ve taken a lot of cues from this. Very heavy rhythmic loops with some occasional nonsensical gibberish chatter voices, and most notably, some very thick, intrusive stop-start rewinding and fast forwarding similar to what the Boredoms would do on Super Ae in the late ’90s. The slower bits have a sort of proto-vaporwave quality to them, but they don’t last long — nothing here does. It’s basically a sort of punk version of musique concrete, made by people who delight in hearing funny voices and hard, slamming sounds. And again, this was recorded before the advent of turntablist culture — you can imagne this duo doing horrific things with vinyl, although it might have been crazy in a different way. Unless they actually are using turntables on this? It sounds like tape loops but who can tell. Anyway, this is way, way ahead of its time and the entire time I’m listening I can’t believe what I’m hearing. How on earth was this made 40 years ago!?!?!

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