Teeth of the Sea: Wraith (Rocket Recordings, 2019)

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Teeth of the Sea: Wraith

From their last album, I had the idea that Teeth of the Sea were some sort of warped, futuristic psych-rock band, even if they didn’t really sound like what you might normally associate with the genre. This album is further from any sort of arbitrary labeling; it’s just bold, expressive music from a highly creative entity. The first track is called “I’d Rather, Jack” and it’s a storming electro number with blazing guitars, twilit trumpet, and Moroder-ish soundtrack synths. It’s dark, furious, and surges with a messy, fervid intensity. “Hiraeth” is slower and more spaced-out, maybe approximating some sort of future Spaghetti western score. “Fortean Steed” is the only song with upfront vocals here, and it’s a haunted piece of Projekt-style ethereal folk, filled with strange forest-like noises. Absolutely lovely. Then “Visitor” is another extended sequencer jazz wig-out. The other big stand-out is “Gladiators Ready”, which turns eerie sci-fi synth melodies into the sort of squelchy electronica that was seemingly in vogue during the late ’90s.

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