Nephew Lagoon: Sendy Q CDr (self-released, 2019)

March 19, 2019 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Nephew Lagoon: Sendy Q CD-r

Just a few months after surfacing with the beguiling Windowood, the mysterious Nephew Lagoon returns with Sendy Q. Like the first one, there is nothing linear about this album. It’s all a seamless melange of false starts, could’ve beens, what ifs, and unconnected strands. Melodies start to warm up but then sprawl and collapse, beats flutter out of nowhere, plastic horns blurt out from a distant corner. If you’re expecting to hear something catchy, rhythmic, or in any way conventional, you’ll probably be disappointed, and playing this in front of most people will probably be a really awkward experience. If you’re listening alone and play this at a high volume, or really any volume, it’ll help guide your mind to some strange and fascinating places. Later on, it gets closer to early electronic composers like Morton Subotnick, but perhaps refracted through a digital lens. There really is no way to indicate exactly how this music was made. I’m guessing it was improvised, but it’s hard to tell what’s being used, and how everything sounds so dissolved and disassociated. The cover art is a good fit, but don’t expect this to be as buzzy and sine-wavey as your standard post-Ae glitch act, there aren’t any solid lines or filled-in spaces here, it’s all very amorphous and gaseous.

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