Dr. Pete Larson: Omieri tape + Snakes and Nyatitis tape (Dagoretti Records, 2018)

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Dr. Pete Larson and the Seething Snakes: Omieri tape

Omieri documents a one-off performance in New Orleans featuring Dr. Pete Larson (who co-founded the legendary Bulb Records in the early ’90s) playing a nyatiti (a Kenyan plucked lyre, as seen on the cover of the tape) along with Quintron playing a Mellotron and a trio of other friends on bass, guitar, and drums. Named after a giant magical snake which gives fortune to all around her, Omieri contains four lengthy jams which veer between spiritual jazz and psych-rock, with the Mellotron adding spacey effects beneath the winding rhythms. It all has a very natural-sounding flow to it; even when it has slightly oblong time signatures, the playing doesn’t sound forced, and the instrumentation sets it apart without sounding outlandish. Extremely positive and uplifting, and absolutely worth preserving.

Dr. Pete Larson: Snakes and Nyatitis tape

Also appearing concurrently is Snakes and Nyatitis, a solo performance by Larson recorded at the wonderful Ziggy’s in Ypsilanti. Occasionally stomping and clanging some bells along with his plucking, he plays a trance-inducing set of fast, complex note patterns, gradually hitting some lower frequencies. The final half gets particularly riveting, but Larson sounds genuinely inspired throughout.

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