Meat Beat Manifesto: Pin Drop 12″ (Flexidisc, 2019)

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Meat Beat Manifesto: Pin Drop 12″

I drove to Chicago to see MBM at the Coldwaves festival last year, and it was probably the best set I’ve ever seen them play. Granted, the first two times, I was seated and at a distance; this time I was right up front in the crowd, and it was exhilarating. Super hard, funky, and manic, with amazing visuals. They played a lot of old classics too, which was great, but the new stuff they announced as being from their next album was spectacular. “Pin Drop” was a particular highlight. Very choppy and breaky but not quite jungle by numbers. It’s more proto-jungle, which makes sense seeing that MBM arguably invented jungle with tracks like “Radio Babylon” back in the ’80s. B-side “No Design” is pretty much the same track except it’s actually a bit faster and crazier. MBM are one of my favorite bands ever and their new album is going to be astonishing.

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