Joni Void: Mise En Abyme (Constellation, 2019)

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Joni Void: Mise En Abyme

Joni Void’s second album is a reconstructive snapshot of various aspects of the Montreal-based artist’s life, built from sounds captured from daily occurrences, recordings of family events such as weddings and birthday parties, and even samples from throughout the album itself. The first half is based on performances by guest vocalists, and combined with airy textures and clicky beats, it’s not too far off from Mira Calix’s older albums and EPs for Warp. The album seems to be about communication and recording; “No Reply” is made from phone sounds and some modem noises, and “Cinetrauma” has a beat constructed from camera clicks and whirrs. The second half is definitely more claustrophobic than the first, peaking in the text-to-speech exorcism of “Deep Impression”, although “Persistence” is a more reflective denouement. “Resolve” is a whirlwind of moments from throughout the album set to an early Boards of Canada track.

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