Light Conductor: Sequence One (Constellation, 2019)

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Light Conductor: Sequence One (Constellation, 2019)

Departing from the dreamy indie rock of their respective main bands, Young Galaxy and the Besnard Lakes, Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek venture through several different shades of space rock on their first album as Light Conductor. The lengthy opener “A Bright Resemblance” does the standard “set the controls for the heart of the sun” mode of droning, with several layers of modular synth pulsations phasing and dancing around each other. This extends into “Chapel of the Snows”, which develops an overwhelming, all-consuming cloud of guitar noise. “Far from the Warming Sun” is a 10-minute skim of the surface of Mars not unlike early Cluster/Kluster, but with a broken, humming static pulse. “When the Robot Hits the Water” is a slowly shifting, ticking beat with a rapid arpeggio threading through it, building up anticipation for “Light Conductor” (the song). Following the previous track’s pulse, it explodes into color after nearly two minutes, turning into futuristic psych-rock which really does sound like Spacemen 3 being beamed into a distant galaxy.

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