Model Home: 1 LP (Ornette Coleman Fiend Club, 2019)

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Model Home: 1 LP

I’m having a hard time finding any information about this group, and I missed their recent show in Hamtramck, but this is an absolutely jawdropping noise/hip-hop project from DC. They’ve released 6 albums on Bandcamp since last June, and an LP of their first one showed up on my desk at WCBN and it knocked me into a stupor. Very, very strange street poetry smothered by cracked electronics and spluttering drum machines. On tracks like “Center Uv the World Swing”, all of the sounds are jumbled together and struggling to break free and it sounds marvelous. “Move Immediately” and a few other moments seem to have a dancehall influence seep into them, while “Jungle Tape” sounds like just that, if it were being blasted from a malfunctioning tape deck in a sewer. “Fake Feet” inevitably brings to mind Chicago footwork, but if anything, this is closer to the stranger corners of that style like DJ Nate or RP Boo than the more danceable stuff from the Teklife crew. The LP ends with an unlisted bonus track filled with shout-outs and excited synth bubbles and bloops. Super exciting, way avant-garde stuff recommended for fans of Occasional Detroit and Sensational at his weirdest.

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