Om Unit: Violet 2×10″ EP (Violet, 2019) + Om Unit/Kid Drama: Untitled Works 12″ EP (Apollo, 2019)

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Om Unit: Violet 2×10″ EP

Continuing to blur the lines between drum’n’bass, footwork, and dubstep, Om Unit is still putting out records at an astonishing rate. All four of these tracks would work perfectly in practically any 160-170 BPM set, but the reggae samples and extra dubwise basslines make “Righteousness” and “Sleeping Dragon” stand out. “City Lights” is closer to a more dubbed-out version of mid-’90s ambient jungle, and “Shackup” is similar but with more skeletal breakbeats. Very concentrated and high-energy.

Om Unit/Kid Drama: Untitled Works 12″ EP

Less club-ready is Om Unit’s first EP for R&S ambient sister label Apollo, which is co-produced by Kid Drama (aka Jon Convex). These tracks have fast beats but they aren’t as complex or busy, and they seem to move much slower overall. The second track has some shoegaze-y guitar which gives it an extra dose of heartache. Then there’s some heavier jungle breaks and bass on the third track. The fourth track is a bit cooled out but it’s still gliding along with thick, floating waves of bass and kicking beats.

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