Paint Thinner: The Sea of Pulp LP (Oblek, 2019)

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Paint Thinner: The Sea of Pulp LP

Detroit’s Paint Thinner (including former members of Frustrations, Terrible Twos, and Human Eye) make their long-awaited vinyl debut, three years on from their demo tape and following gigs with bands such as His Name Is Alive and Ritual Howls. This band make stark, uncompromising post-punk reflecting a lifetime of dread and disillusionment. The music is all barbed wire guitars and starethrough vocals, and it’s as bleak as it is tense and electro-shocked. The album starts with “A Day In My Head”, which stretches out to a sort of desert-psych extended solo ending. Then most of the album is relatively straightforward songs like the dream-dashing “Fell Flat” or the harsh surf of “Glistening Dots”, songs which for all their bitterness and disappointment and offputting nature, still contain attention-grabbing hooks. After “Hidden Key” ends in several minutes of off-the-rails noisy soloing, there’s a space-clearing instrumental “Interlude”, and it all ends with the blistering 9-minute confessional “In Your Tower”, which ends up rushing into a dramatic faux-orchestral section. Now available from Bandcamp.

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