Tomat Petrella: Kepler (!K7, 2018)

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Tomat Petrella: Kepler

Davide Tomat and Gianluca Petrella reach for the stars on this magnificent collaboration. Though partially coming from a jazz background, this is closer to advanced, haunting sound design, with Petrella’s trombone inventively weaved throughout Tomat’s wave-like textures and sporadic yet hard-hitting beats. “Proxima Centauri B” starts out somewhat like Lee Gamble’s inverted jungle flashbacks, never arriving at beats and clearing the way for solemn trombone playing. “Trappist 1 E” is more fractured and turbulent, recalling Roly Porter or the Haxan Cloak, harshly sputtering but briefly pausing for breath and ending up much calmer and resolved. “Hd 40307 G” is riddled with crackling which will make you think something’s wrong with the speakers. “Gliese 667 CC” is filled with doomy, semi-industrial beats. “Tau Ceti E” has sporadic clusters of beats (Second Woman-style) with the trombone gradually peering out over them. “Kepler 186 F” is a 10-minute epic which grows slow, trudging beats and phasing effects, to disorienting yet fascinating effect. Kepler is a truly original album which makes you reconsider the idea of space music.

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