Kittin: Cosmos LP (Dark Entries, 2018)

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Kittin: Cosmos LP

Reverting to her preferred moniker, the artist usually referred to as Miss Kittin steps away from electro, not to mention the surface of this planet, on this album of outer-space ruminations. The whole album sounds like it was made on a satellite floating thousands of miles away from Earth, with Kittin staring at the pale blue dot and picking apart the very fabric of its existence. Much of it is weightless space ballads, but there’s also the crash-zap IDM of “Question Everything”, and other tracks have more aggressive yet forcefully rigid beats. Some of the lyrics are minimal, just reciting names (“Atoms” is self-explanatory, “Multiverse” is a recitation of stars, etc.), but even that seems like a powerful enough declaration of existence. And then “Last Day on Earth” asks “what you gonna do on your last day?” over soft-jungle synths, breaking from the harsh, factory-like clanging. The album ends with a song called “Utopia”, where Kittin laments “I don’t want to leave that place”, assuredly meaning her distant part of the universe. This album has far more in common with the scientific explorations of Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, and related projects than the trendy, club-geared electroclash most people probably still associate Kittin with, and it’s a powerful, magnificent work.

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