Suumhow: Crash_Reports (n5MD, 2018)

December 17, 2018 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Suumhow: Crash_Reports

n5MD has been releasing electronic (and sometimes non-electronic) music informed by post-rock, shoegaze, and ambient for such a long time that it might be hard to remember when they released more abrasive IDM on a frequent basis. Actually, I’ll admit I haven’t entirely kept up with everything they’ve released. But this Suumhow album was a very pleasant surprise. It has crunchy, glitchy beats in line with Proem or Quinoline Yellow, as well as rolling drift-scapes and bright, semi-distant melodies, befitting its artwork, which suggests data overload but also includes lots of blank white space, like looking at a snowy environment. Tracks like “Phoebe” and “Small Sky” are like overpowering machines trying to probe into your head, yet you’re in such a calm, controlled space that you just go with it. Very, very impressed with this release. Also, somehow n5MD managed to release a limited amount of copies on their original format, MiniDisc, which is strange because I thought those were discontinued.

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