ATM: The Inglewood Tapes Vol. 2 LP (Radical Documents, 2018)

October 27, 2018 at 6:36 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

ATM: The Inglewood Tapes Vol. 2 LP

Jokey drum machine punks ATM don’t divert too much from the sound of their first record on Vol. 2, but this one just happens to be a lot better. They still love singing and shouting in funny voices and fake accents, but they’re not as annoying this time around. The songs themselves are more creative, and honestly a lot more fun. After the trippy slow-and-loose disco of “No Time” comes the zippy “Rave Nature”, filled with distorted, echo-covered “Wooooooo!”s. “Sad Onion” and “Caliente” are both sung in overly zealous Spanish, while “Asco” alternates between Spanish lyrics and a fake British accent over a pleasant drum machine skip. Starry instrumental “MDMA Bliss” lives up to its title. “Poetry” is the album’s sophomoric low point, but it’s only a minute or so. “Slow Skronk” has a steady, minimal rhythm and barely controlled bursts of guitar feedback and trumpet. Everything here still sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom in one take, but the best of these songs just make more of a lasting impression than anything on Vol. 1.

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