Mamuthones: Fear On The Corner (Rocket Recordings, 2018)

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Mamuthones: Fear On The Corner

Nearly a decade ago, I reviewed a Mamuthones album for Foxy Digitalis (R.I.P.) which was sort of a droney dark ambient work filled with clattering metal and creepy voices. I lost track of the group after that, but sometime in between then and now, the Italian group started making colorful psychedelic rock, informed by both Krautrock and Afrobeat, and they signed to Rocket Recordings. Rhythm is the focus here, and there’s pounding drums as well as marimba and other percussive instruments adding some additional flavors. There’s some noise bursts and plenty of flanged guitar effects, but the group largely don’t drown out the rhythm. “Show Me” is probably the most overtly Krautrock-sounding song, but “Alone” is a straight-up disco-punk jam. The album ends with “Here We Are”, a trance-inducing 10-minute procession which is roughly as frightening as the album’s cover art.

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