Fritz Welch: A Desire To Push Forward Without Gaining Access To Anything LP (Radical Documents, 2018)

September 11, 2018 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Fritz Welch: A Desire To Push Forward Without Gaining Access To Anything LP

Former Peeesseye member Fritz Welch presents an album of totally off-the-wall vocal pieces. Double-tracking and processing his voice, he starts out speaking normal words but quickly goes off the rails into elastic-faced jibber-jabber and primal gobbledygook. The fact that there’s two of him making these alien cartoon noises only increases the nuttiness of it all. I’m not an expert on dadaist sound poetry so I have no clue who to compare this to — other than weird voices I come up with when I think nobody’s around. He breaks slightly from the madness with the brief “Tamio’s Prison Song”, a listing of several prisons described as “a poetic response to a song often performed by Tamio Shiraishi”. The second side is my favorite of the two, because his voice is aided by electronics, so he’s grunting and shouting into the void, and then his voice comes back to haunt him. Definitely recommended for fans of the vocal stylings of Dylan Nyoukis and Aaron Dilloway. Listen and buy from Bandcamp, if you dare.

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