Christian Rønn & Ikue Mori: Chordis Et Machina LP (Resipiscent/Nische/Tonometer, 2018)

September 3, 2018 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Christian Rønn & Ikue Mori: Chordis Et Machina LP

This is a delightful collection of improvised spluttery noises, knocks, electro-acoustic sorcery, and the types of electronic buzzing that make you think the arm of the turntable is skating across the record, but it’s not. Ikue Mori is just credited with “electronics”, but Christian Rønn plays upright piano, prepared grand piano soundboard, FX, and Buchla and Serge synthesizers. There’s some sparse moments, but other times you need to listen several times in order to get an idea of everything going on. It sounds very random and sometimes accidental/by chance, and that could all be a turn-off for some listeners, but for me, the way they venture into the unknown sounds utterly exciting. The clipped pianos which rumble throughout “Loch Ness” add some eeriness, but still in sort of a sideways, refracted through broken prisms kind of way. “Primordial Chaos” is more piano-heavy, coming closer to a glitch-enhanced Conlon Nancarrow player piano study. “The Path” is maybe the most abduction-like piece. Really fun album, and I’m sure it was a total blast to create as well.

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