Acemo: EP 12″ (Vanity Press Records, 2018)

September 2, 2018 at 11:08 am | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Acemo: EP 12″

Brooklyn’s Acemo previously appeared on Color Plus’ Vanity Press 12″, and now he has a solo EP on the label. “R.E.M. Dance” is bright, upbeat electro-techno with sunray-like synth pads and an appropriately dreamy sense of optimism. “Get It From The Sound” is lo-fi and slightly menacing, with garage-house chords and snapping electro beats, as well as rough vocals not dissimilar to “Da Back”, Acemo’s Color Plus collaboration. “The Essence” has more floating garage chords and a bit more of a neon-streaked electro feel. “Speedn N Smokin” is practically all percussion, with an occasional emphasis on the kick drum in order to give it sort of a sideways bump. As an added bonus, the digital version on Bandcamp has an extra track, “Jam 1212”, another track with snapping electro beats as well as loosely bouncing notes which vaguely tip towards trance.

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