Dean Spunt: EE Head LP (Radical Documents, 2018)

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Dean Spunt: EE Head LP

No Age’s Dean Spunt picks apart a few, sparse musical elements and recombines them in order to create very detached, quasi-musical pieces which nevertheless have some sort of forward motion to them. There’s some tenuously connected arcs of feedback, some nearly accidental-sounding drum crashes and sample bursts, and a starkly thumping electronic kick drum which seems to sleepwalk through it all. It’s divided into four pieces, but it’s essentially one thematic work. It does get a bit more kinetic at the beginning of the second side, however, where the beat picks up and the feedback becomes more wavy and forcefield-like. The following “Locker” mostly just sounds like a motor running, but there’s a very few brief moments where notes are faintly audible. This was originally performed at a gallery in New York last year, and it’s easy to imagine the artist just sitting at a desk with a few small machines in front of him in a nearly blank room.

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