Von Hayes: Gunga Gunga Chi Chi (self-released, 2018)

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Von Hayes: Gunga Gunga Chi Chi

Not long after Von Hayes released their unexpected comeback album, You Vape?, they’re already releasing a follow-up EP. This one has eight short songs of deconstructed lo-fi rock, with riffs and shouted vocals buried in obscene amounts of feedback and hiss. “The Things She Handed Down” feels like it’s going to arrive at a hook but doesn’t (not uncommon for this band), and ends bu pitching the vocals up a bit before abruptly ending. “Negative Blanks” is an extremely jaunty song built atop a Casio rhythm, also containing pitched up vocals, and ending with some piercing guitar noise. Following the brief acoustic bit “Tow-r” is “No Title #7”, filled with strummy guitar hooks and harmonies. “Chrystal Manor” is a sludger with walls of oversized guitar riffs over a slower but steady beat. “Little Terrry” is kind of similar but less noisy and with more intimate-sounding vocals, and then some abusive guitar soloing near the end. “Son of Sandwich” has even more hushed, intimate vocals and splayed, out-of-tune guitars. Finally, there’s “Emcee”, an acoustic strummer which stops just sort of turning into a power ballad, and then stopping short about 15 seconds before the track actually ends. Even at their most direct, Von Hayes still sound cryptic, and while it’s hard to grasp exactly what they’re expressing, it always sounds fascinating and unique.

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