JP Schlegelmilch/Jonathan Goldberger/Jim Black: Visitors (Skirl Records, 2018)

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JP Schlegelmilch/Jonathan Goldberger/Jim Black: Visitors

Brisk yet exploratory CD of melodic instrumental jazz-rock from an organ/guitar/drums power trio including renowned drummer Jim Black. This is definitely the type of album that fans of both indie post-rock and avant-prog can get into. There’s soaring guitar melodies, yet there’s also sudden breaks into complicated drum solos, guitar freakery, and eerie organ spells, as on “Chiseler”. “Ether Sun” eases into more of a relaxed desert drift, while “Corvus” is a bit more angular, and slightly warped. “Lake Oblivion” is presented in two parts, the second beginning with acoustic guitar before ending up scorching and heavy. “Terminal Waves” begins with Mellotron before progressing through a sea of sinister, slightly dubby strings and ending up with a turbulent patch of organ drone and tumbling drums, yet mellower guitars. The concluding minute-long “Island” is even more peaceful and delicate, but still a bit mysterious rather than directly expressing a specific emotion.

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