Jeff Greinke: Before Sunrise (Spotted Peccary, 2018)

August 4, 2018 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Jeff Greinke: Before Sunrise

Jeff Greinke is a highly regarded composer of minimalist dark ambient and deep space music who I haven’t spend enough time listening to. This album blends dark drone with modern classical, incorporating acoustic instruments into its soundscapes which flow like the waves of a tide at night. Strings, horns, reeds, and even very subtle hand drums make appearances and are given space, blending into the mix yet also occupying crucial roles in the construction of the pieces. “Night Watch” is more of a still, cloudy haze, but other pieces have more prominently melodic parts. “The River” has a really cool slow, trudgy beat mixed down way low, as well as more Philip Glass-esque patterns, and some flitered trumpet on top, giving it more of a late night vibe. “Under Falling Stars” is somewhat similar, but a lot more sparkling and precious-sounding. The last few tracks are extremely tranquil, but there’s still so much happening. Such an incredibly rich, expressive, sublimely arranged and recorded album.

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