CCFX: The Remixes 12″ EP (DFA, 2018)

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CCFX: The Remixes 12″ EP

CCFX’s EP on DFA last year was a pleasant surprise, marrying jangly post-punk to bittersweet downtempo disco in the vein of St. Etienne. Even more surprising is the fact that the members also make country-rock as County Liners. This remix EP is yet another surprise, beginning with two atmospheric jungle remixes, removing the lyrics but keeping the feelings in, and accelerating the ecstasy with heavy, choppy breakbeats (and also an Elmer Fudd giggle on “The One to Wait”). The remaining two tracks are closer to the tempo of the originals, but add more effects and strange noises, like the warbly bells at the beginning of “Ode”, and the heavy, slamming dub echo on both tracks. The tracks gain more of a paranoid, claustrophobic edge, but there’s also a sense of comfort to them. It’s all pushed over the edge, and it elevates something which was already refreshing into something stranger and more exciting.

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