K. Leimer: Imposed Order/Imposed Absence (Palace of Lights, 2018)

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K. Leimer: Imposed Order/Imposed Absence

This is a remastered reissue of a 1983 album by K. Leimer (also of Savant, who were recently anthologized by Rvng Intl), one of his last albums before he stopped releasing music for two decades. The second disc is recordings he made during the hiatus, and while he was transitioning from analog to digital instruments. Imposed Order can be broadly described as ambient, particularly on longer, spacier tracks like “Three Forms of Decay” and “Method, Language and Silence”, but a lot of it plays with African rhythms, even approximating water drumming at some points. Tracks like “Life of the Poet” fit in nicely with the type of Fourth World fusion which has become hip again. The tracks on Imposed Absence date from 1983 to 1987, and while they’re described in the liner notes as sketches or pieces set aside, there seems to be a bit more of an immediacy to some of them (but not others). “Rain Bed” gets slightly hazier, combining thin waves of digital static with what sounds like bowed strings. “The Uneven Ritual” is a brief art-rock piece which comes a lot closer to Leimer’s work with Savant. “The Surround” ends the album on a sort of dark, candlelit note.

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