Carlos Giffoni: Vain LP (iDEAL, 2018)

July 5, 2018 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Carlos Giffoni: Vain LP

The first Carlos Giffoni album in a surprisingly long time is an analog synth soundtrack to a nonexistent movie about a woman with psychokinetic powers. It’s nothing like the harsh, cut-up noise Giffoni was releasing around the mid-’00s, and only occasionally does it resemble the acid techno stuff he was doing at the beginning of the decade, but it still sounds unmistakably like his work. It’s rich and full of mystery, with sorrowful moments like “The Desert” and more playful ones like “We Pay the Price”. “Erase the World” starts out sounding very alien, but then a techno beat slams in and sets things moving, although it still seems a bit out of sync with the other sounds, which drop out before the beat does at the end. Later tracks sort of feel like aural spider webs, with impressive, delicate patterns which seem ready to trap and ensnare. Maybe it’s not quite that ominous, much of the album has a light, curious feel to it, but there’s still something cautious about it. Good stuff in any case.

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