Our Solar System: Origins (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, 2018)

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Our Solar System: Origins

This Swedish psych group share their name with a Half Japanese album, but it’s hard to think of anything else they have in common. There’s many members of this collective, and they all wear flowing white suits adorned with different symbols, so it’s easy to assume they’re some sort of cult. They share members with groups like Dungen and the Amazing, but they’re a bit more out-there. The album opens with the sidelong epic “Vulkanen”, which stirs and swirls before exploding about 15 minutes in, puncturing into the void with some sporadic distorted vocals. “En Bit Av Det Tredje Klotet” and “Monte Verità” are the most rhythmic songs here, and they’re both Krautrock=indebted cruisers which take off and glide. Besides them, “Babalon Rising” is a slower, ritual-like zoner with saxophone, and “Naturligt Samspel” is a very minimal piece recorded outdoors, filled with birdsong.

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