SunFalls: dream’minus tape (self-released, 2017)

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SunFalls: dream’minus tape

SunFalls is a Portland-based artist making highly complex, glitchy electronic music on a hybrid setup including modular synths. Very dense, abstract pieces with rhythms which constantly sound like they’re melting, struggling to find themselves, or just completely smashed apart. Yes, it’s very Autechre-like, but some of this guy’s compositions get into more of a deep-space alienation zone than theirs. Undeniably machine-driven/generated music, but it still pushes outward into the zone uninhabitable by humans or human technology. When the beats are stronger, it’s REALLY intense (such as “prizm [i.D.”). Even when they aren’t it’s still a heavy listening experience. The track that gets me the most is the tunneling beat shrapnel of “sunPetrol”, especially when the beat overloads and fizzles and then continuously regenerates. It doesn’t make conventional “sense” but to me it’s just so powerful. Totally into what this guy’s doing. Cassette still available from Bandcamp.

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