Eduardo De La Calle: Icosahedrite EP 12″ (Planet E, 2018)

June 3, 2018 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Eduardo De La Calle: Icosahedrite EP 12″

Madrid’s Eduardo De La Calle has released around 100 records, but I wasn’t really aware of him until this one, his first on Planet E. “Phason Jazz” is the track from here that’s been getting the most club play, and it’s a spacey epic with keyboard vamps and astral effects, which really does sound like a jazz combo performing in an outer galaxy, yet there’s also a locked-in house rhythm to it. “Mr Dewey D” is kind of similar, but with a playful up-and-down sequence and some stranger, squeakier noises near the end. My favorite track on the record is the more experimental “Rhythmic Soundscapes”, which begins by starting like the record is constantly winding up and down, then attaches a beat to it, and some free-floating piano echos off the edge. Reminds me of the disorientation of some of the early Kompakt stuff, but from a new perspective.

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