Köster: MASC tape (Crash Symbols, 2017)

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Köster: MASC tape

This tape contains the soundtrack to a solo dance performance about hypermasculinity as viewed from an LGBTQ perspective. Even without visuals (other than a few photos in the tape’s J-card), it sounds provocative from the beginning, with plenty of wet, drippy sounds and sensual percussion rhythms. “Drag” gradually unfolds with wam organ chords and sampled pop vocals which slowly reveal themselves, and a beat which sets everything in motion. “Club 1” is industrial techno for the dungeon, but with a graceful touch to it, and it’s easily my favorite track here. “Club 2” continues the vibe, but adds a pitched-down sample from a certain mid-’90s alternative dance single (I recognize what it is, but I’ll leave it a secret… I’ll just say that it seems to make more sense in the context of this track than its original source). Following the cloudy house track “The Hook Up”, “Rituals” is all ghostly murmurations, fluttering scraps, and cyber thunder. The beats return on “Hypermasc”, which seems like an intense physical workout as well as a busy factory.

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