Joey Molinaro: Live In Sweden (Gold Bolus, 2018)

May 7, 2018 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Joey Molinaro: Live In Sweden

If you’re familiar with the name Joey Molinaro, you already know that he’s a living legend. Constantly touring DIY venues throughout the country (and apparently the world, based on this release), he plays a fiddle like it’s on fire, screams, and stomps on the floor like some sort of manic tap dance. He plays either acoustic or electric, but he’s definitely plugged in on this date. Some of his best known work is his interpretation of the classic album The Inalienable Dreamless by grindcore pioneers Discordance Axis, and excerpts from this begin and end this disc. Everything else he does is just as complex and brutally intense. “Love Song” is the longest track, and showcases his clean, theatrical singing. “Infinite Midnight Suite” might even be a bit crazier than the Discordance Axis interpretation. Yes, you need to see him live, but if you haven’t experienced his performances yet, even this live recording sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

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